Thursday, June 11, 2009

Epiphany Dance Experiment Dance Series 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009 6 pm
Dance & Performance Art

On Sunday, July 12th, EDE presents Dance & Performance Art, a program of presenting four current works of artists from each fields. The performance will conclude with a post show talk starting from the question below:

Dance & Performance Art: Many ways of exchanges are happening between performance art and dance. It seems like the boundary between the two is getting dimmer. Yet, originally, where are they from and why those two are somehow getting closer? EDE starts to investigate why both seem to be related and what is the differences between the two, if we distinguish them clearly.

Dialogue Moderated by Joseph Ravens

(s)he by JulieAnn Graham
Performed by Graham and Todd Kiech, the work explors the relationship between a (wo)man and her clothes.

there is a way in which the body sleeps by Britt Posmer
In collaboration with sound art by Lisa Abbatomarco and movement and staging by Joshua Kent, the piece utilizes the question, What is it to be a “spatial necessity that has been forgotten within the economy of time?”

Weakby Marissa Perel
In collaboration with Snorre Sjonost Henriksen and Colin Self, the piece explores the density of desire and the weight of longing through epistolary-noise-pop-body-art.

Not About Elvis Dance by Rachel Thorne Germond
The piece is an autobiographical solo built on accumulation structures that probes her relationship to the King's movement style and persona.

Addmission: $12 Suggested Donation
$10 Suggested for Students/Seniors(Tickets are available at the door)
Epiphany Episcopal Chicago201 S. Ashland Ave. Chicago, IL (SE corner of Ashland and Adams)

photo (top): Britt Posmer by Christine Teneholtz
photo (middle): JulieAnn Graham by Tanera Marshall

photo (bottom): Rachel Thorne Germond by Dan Merlo

This project is supported by Epiphany Episcopal Chicago