Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Epiphany Dance Experiment Dance Series FALL 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009 6 pm

Dance & Music/Sound

On Sunday, October 4th,
EDE presents Dance & Music/Sound, a program exhibiting four dance works extending traditional boundaries as well as establishing a new relationship with music/sound. The performance will conclude with post-show dialogue upon the topic below:

Dance & Music/Sound

Music is played as itself, yet it is common to view dance with music/sound. What kind of relationship those two has and how the relationship evolved in the history of artistic dance? Here, we observe and discuss how those two are related to each other and how choreographers/dance artists decide the sound/music for their works of dance. It will be also shared how each dance artist perceive sound/music differently.

Dialogue will be moderated by Asimina Chremos


Notes From a Bottle and
Alegrias by Clinard Dance Theatre in collaboration with Las Guitarras de España
Notes From a Bottle is an excerpt of a full evening work creating one part of this triptych that incorporates music and dance forms from around the world. The second piece, Alegrias, is a traditional flamenco form, though artistic liberties and innovations unique to the form have been incorporated.

O My Innocents by Basil Abbott, Sherry Antonini, Heather Hartley and Casey Murtaugh
O My Innocents is a performance abstraction of the movement from mourning and repentance to apparition and ascension.

Stridulations by Synapse Arts Collective-Stridulate Ensemble
The work experiments with structures that allow the highly expressive and entirely non-verbal vocalizations of ensemble members to interplay with the movement of their bodies, allowing fleeting, task oriented relationships to come to the fore. Beginning by regarding the friction of the vocal folds as the primary mode of human stridulation, Stridulate aims to highlight points at which vocalization becomes movement and speech begets gesture, and amplify them to a point at which they articulate an entirely new performance vocabulary.

As I entered, so will I leave part 2 by Cindy Brandle Dance Company
The piece is about the relationship to memories and events and how even while they shape our lives we are reminded that we move through life, from birth to death, as an individual navigating our own unique experience.

Addmission: $12 Suggested Donation
$10 Suggested for Students/Seniors(Tickets are available at the door)

Epiphany Episcopal Chicago
201 S. Ashland Ave. Chicago, IL (SE corner of Ashland and Adams)
Photo (top):O My Innocents by Sherry Antonini
Photo (bottom):Clinard Dance Theater by Justin Wardell

This project is supported by Epiphany Episcopal Chicago